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21 JUNE 06
Poet and artist Anne Boyer has a blog called Odalisqued, from which she is currently on vacation. Anne's first book, A Romance of Happy Workers, was picked up recently by Coffee House Press. I was curious to hear the story and suggested an interview (branching out from the first-book interviews). I also felt that a hit of Boyer would help to tide us over as the Odalisquedless summer drags on.

My initial batch of questions yielded prose replies. But another round resulted in a visual recasting--her 4 panels below.

click on each of these to enlarge:

anne boyer 1

anne boyer 2

anne boyer 3
anne boyer 4

Thomas Hart Benton: Ballad of the Jealous Lover of Lone Green Valley

Anne Boyer will soon be traveling from Des Moines to read in Matt Henriksen's Burning Chair in New York City. An event not to be missed! It's The Pines (Phil Cordelli & Brandon Shimoda) and Anne Boyer, this Sunday, June 25th, at The Cloister Cafe, 4 pm.

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